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In a secret ballot, we scored the book:


The wine we enjoyed this month wasWine? In January? There are such things as New Year’s resolutions, my friend!

It doesn’t hold a candle to the old Finnish grammar

Ah, a new year. A new rating system! And twelve unforgettable, thought-provoking books to relish, savour and remember for the ages…a  count which was swiftly revised to eleven once the covers were (thankfully) closed on ‘New Finnish Grammar’. Maybe it was the New Year’s abstinence that made us grumpy and unwilling to love this book, or maybe we were all simply too scarred by schooltime memories of conjugating irregular verbs. Either way, it’s 0 for 2 for Jack, following last year’s debacle.

One thought on “January 2012: ‘New Finnish Grammar’ by Diego Marani

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