Selected for your reading pleasure by: Rachel

In a secret ballot, we scored the book:
***** Pitch black
**** Dark horse
*** Dancing in the dark
** The dark side
* A shot in the dark

The wines we enjoyed this month were: an iconic German Liebfraumilch, followed by the Ukrainian Massandra ‘Black Doctor’ fortified wine which, as everyone knows, is made from Ekim-Kara, Kethessia, Capita-n-Kara, Lapa-Kara and Metin-Kara grapes.

Why, WHY is it so damned dark? Oh...maybe it's because I'm covering my eyes.

The Dark Room. Not so dark as one would have thought. And certainly not as dark as, say, The Road. Now that was dark. And scary. Not to mention pretty damned terrifying.

So, in comparison, this was only slightly dark. Sort of a depressing kind of grey rather than an ‘I can’t see my hand in front of my face’-type scenario. And sure there were rooms, but I think most of us are still trying to work out which was eponymous room of the third story. (Note to self: restrain from writing that we’re – ha ha – ‘in the dark’ about it!)

But I digress. One book. Three stories. Three allegedly dark rooms. Six members of the WLWC who loved it. Two members who didn’t. One statistical outlier of a vote that should have brought the overall rating of this book crashing to Depression-era low had not generous spirit of the season intervened. Happy Christmas, everyone!

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