Selected for your reading pleasure by: Heather

In a secret ballot, we scored the book:

The wine we enjoyed this month was: ‘not  actually consumed as members strove to remain sober so as to repress real feelings about ‘the other book’ discussed on the same evening!’ according to our guest blogger Matthew.

Invisible Man: Matthew reports:

Not a light read – enjoyed more by some than others – it starts with the immortal words ……..”I am an invisible man”. Unfortunately the evening actually could have begun with  ‘I am an invisible woman’ as the book’s proponent failed to turn up!!! Is there really a more interesting world outside of the WBWC???? Anyway, this iconic book, written ahead of its time, portrays the plight of African-Americans in 1930s America and a lively, heated discussion ensued on black existentialism, marxism and ………. the eagerly awaited Christmas bash at the Dog & Fox. Still, a book rich in style and substance and perfectly in tune with the WBWC brotherhood!

Brotherhood, sisterhood, siblinghood? Whatever it is that we have going on down here at the WBWC, it’s all in the family. Next month…will Brother Jack be given up for adoption?

Nope, I’m pretty sure I can see a mouth, a nose and at least one eye

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