It seems I can’t leave the house these days without someone thrusting a finger in my face and demanding to know whether the WBWC is, in fact, still reading books and drinking wine, in numbers of greater than two, in Wimbledon. ‘Why ever do you ask?’ I counter, as innocent-soundingly as possible, as though nothing could be further from the truth. ‘The website, the WEBSITE!’ they rather predictably snarl, ‘You haven’t updated your website in months!’

Sigh…our dependence on technology-driven information is making us all a bit tetchy these days. Or maybe it’s just the summer heatwave. Either way, rest assured that books are being read (or not, if your initials are JF and you recently moved to Earlsfield) and wine is being drunk (especially if your initials are JF and you recently moved to Earlsfield), although it may be necessary to put down the glass or bottle if Wolf Hall is to have any chance of being read in time for September!

(Yes, that’s September 2013, for all you sceptics out there.)

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