Well hello there, fellow book lover. A wine lover, too, perhaps?

Not that it’s a requirement, mind you. The Wimbledon Book and Wine Club welcome beer, ale, shandy, champagne, cocktail and Coke imbibers with equally open arms.

A smallish and amiable group we are, a mix of ages, professions and genders (admittedly, at present there are only two of the latter). In various incarnations, we’ve been going strong since May of 2005 after Jo looked around, didn’t like what she saw and thought, ‘Damnit, I’m going to start a book club!’. We began life as, well, ‘book club’, morphed into The Wimbledon Ladies’ Book Club (all credit to Sue) then in the summer of 2008, in a glorious symbiosis of reading and drinking, instigated by the realisation that if we changed our meeting night from Tuesday to Wednesday we could take advantage of the ‘any bottle of wine £10’ offer at our local watering hole, re-christened ourselves The Wimbledon Book and Wine Club. It was painful giving up our former name – we had t-shirts after all – and you may occasionally hear us refer to ourselves as ‘The WLBC’, but we think the men in the group are secretly relieved.

Sadly, the wine deal is gone, but we haven’t let that stop us. We’ve shifted on down the calendar to Wednesday evenings (last Wednesday of the month) and meet at a super-top-secret location in, you guessed it clever clogs, Wimbledon. If you’re interested in joining us sometime, give us a shout, tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll tell you the secret knock.


The ladies and gentlemen of The Wimbledon Book and Wine Club

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