Selected for your reading pleasure by: Vicky

In a secret ballot, we scored the book:
***** Peaches and cream
**** Well moisturised
*** A bit of concealer might help
** Premature ageing
* Maggot face

The wine we enjoyed this month was: Blue Nun Merlot, ‘beautifully soft, mellow and rounded with New World style’

Not just for fetishists!

Ah, what better way to spend a crisp autumn evening (thank heaven the horror of the weekend’s equatorial temperatures is over!) than by ensconcing oneself in a cosy pub with a bucket of sweet potato wedges and a big bottle of red, discussing the merry antics of a psychotic killer nun and a pus-faced malcontent. Adjectives such as ‘riveting, ‘rollicking’ and ‘a non-stop action page turner’ were not actually used to describe ‘The Book of Human Skin’, but it was nonetheless very well received, earning itself the coveted WBWC stamp of approval. Perhaps the only subject of notable criticism was that an ending that was a bit too cheerful, with enough much love, love, love in the air to have poor Sor Loreta turning in her equatorial grave.

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